How To Study From Home Effectively20201010041658

How To Study From Home Effectively

sarveshOctober 10, 20200 comments
Studying from home has its perks and pitfalls. It can be bliss being in a comfortable environment until you realize that you barely managed to get any...
5 Ways to Improve Your Study Skills20201010041210

5 Ways to Improve Your Study Skills

sarveshOctober 10, 20200 comments
Good study skills makes a world of difference. It saves time spent on studying, helps you learn more, achieve good grades and reduces the stress of si...
Tips on Researching Effectively20201009161914

Tips on Researching Effectively

sarveshOctober 9, 20200 comments
First, the list of Academic libraries and database resources available to lecturers and students: ProQuest LexisNexis Oxford University Press Westlaw ...
Top 5 Soft Skills In 202020200316073504

Top 5 Soft Skills In 2020

sarveshMarch 16, 20200 comments
LinkedIn Learning, recently compiled a list of the most popular soft skills and hard skills in demand in 2020.Generally, the list highlights talent wi...
It’s Time To Live More Confidently20200227060758

It’s Time To Live More Confidently

sarveshFebruary 27, 20200 comments
Do you ever feel that you have zero confidence or low about yourself? In reality, it happens to many of us.Confidence helps one to achieve goals and a...
5 Top Skills You Will Need For The Future20200227041940

5 Top Skills You Will Need For The Future

sarveshFebruary 27, 20200 comments
According to the 2016 report by the World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs: Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revo...